Fitness SA Musclemania

Fitness SA Musclemania Rules


Weight classes may change based upon competitor entries following final event registration. This is done in the interest of balance weight classes. Some Regional Event divisions may vary. Please check event listings for details.

Open Men  

  • Lightweight
  • Middle weight
  • Heavy weight 

Junior Men

  • One Division (22 years of age & younger)


  • Over 40 Years of Age

Grand Masters     

  • Over 50 Years of Age


At the prejudging all contestants will be equally and fairly judged within their division and classes. This will includ:

  1. an initial line-up,
  2. mandatory poses and comparisons,
  3. selected grouping comparisons and
  4. individual posing routines.

The process is rigorous and demanding, but with the sole intention of selecting who deserves to be a Musclemania® Champion.

Musclemania® judging criteria is based upon four, equally scored categories:

  • • Symmetry 30%;
  • • Muscle Mass 30%;
  • • Condition 30%;
  • • Posing Presentation 10% (Top 5 Finalists Only)

At the Finals all contestants will be introduced to the audience and participate in a Class Posedown. The Top 5 Finalists in each Division and/or Class will perform their individual posing routines. Routines are limited to 90 seconds.
Musclemania® is known to be a world class stage event. Only CD-R disc music will be accepted (do not use CD-RW discs). Music may NOT be provided on cassette.


To compete at the Fitness SA Musclemania® event no qualification is required. This event is open to all natural athletes. Whether you have past or present bodybuilding federation affiliations, are an independent athlete or a first timer, we invite you to compete against the best natural bodybuilders, Figure, Bikini and Models from throughout South Africa.

The Fitness SA Musclemania® Championships will provide athletes with the opportunity to compete in the Musclemania® World Championships in Las Vegas in November by placing in the top 3 in the respective categories. e.g Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Model. All athletes that wish to compete in the World event must qualify at the Musclemania® Championships. The exceptions are those that have already won either a Musclemania® World Title or Musclemania® Universe title.

The qualification is set in place to ensure the finest athletes will represent South Africa at this prestigious event. The overall winner's ticket to Las Vegas will be sponsored.

Worlds Qualification criteria: A top 3 placing in any of the respective categories including Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Model. 

Musclemania® reserves the right to disqualify or deny entry to any contestant for any reason including, but not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, dangerous athletic skills and/or tardiness to any scheduled event or function.


Because the Musclemania® Championships are natural bodybuilding events, at least 10 competitors among the Top 5 Finalists must be drug tested by urinalysis immediately following their performance at the Finals. If a contestant is tested positive for any of the listed substances, he/she will be disqualified from the competition, forfeit any prizes and/or rewards and be unable to compete in any Musclemania® event worldwide for at least 2 years. Also, if a contestant refuses to submit to drug testing or attempts to manipulate and/or alter a urinalysis sample, then he/she will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

View the complete list of Tested and Banned Substances.